Warehousing and Storage

Amani provides safe and secured warehousing services to store consignments of our customers, within a controlled facility.

We integrate our storage and distribution, advanced systems and technology, as well as Value Added Services to customize your supply chain, in order to meet your specific goals and needs, in our warehouses, which are conveniently located in Kenya.

Full-service management is one of the main features our warehouse and distribution capabilities. We have equipped our professionals with enough resources to put their plans in to action, backed by road, sea, air, and sea/air freight forwarding, advanced technology, and other key facilities. PSL Logistics does not stop until your items are in the hands of your customers, from consulting to delivery. Apart from the security provided by these facilities, we also assist service users in managing their shipments at a lower cost and free of the concerns and hassles of safe and secure storage and the resulting charges.


We can be your great business partner and help you growth strongly.