Global supply Chain

An end-to-end approach for a global perspective

Enhanced coordination and optimization to manage a complex supply chain

Supply chain performance gives companies that critical edge that sets them apart from their peers. As today’s markets and global networks become increasingly complex, Bolloré Logistics’ customers are looking to streamline their operations or transform their logistics through external providers while facing numerous challenges.

They need to simplify the coordination of numerous stakeholders. They seek to reduce volatility and uncertainty thanks to more anticipation, visibility and transparency which will allow them to analyze their flows to optimize their cost, time to market & environmental impact.

We execute custom-fit services to ensure you meet each of your performance targets

Amani optimize global logistics through the design, deployment and coordination of integrated solutions with a performance commitment. We provide integrated management of your flows to improve agility, efficiency and cost, while having a clear visibility of each stakeholder action. We focus our efforts on 3 levels:

  • Design and integration of transport & logistics solutions with continuous improvement process.
  • Centralized end-to-end coordination through our control towers network. Control towers manage communications with our customers to ensure end-to-end visibility, they supervize the tracking of flows and manage alerts, switching to alternative solutions and backup plans whenever necessary. They also provide performance analysis.
  • Central management of subcontractors thanks to a neutral 4PL company, PRISM, coming from Bolloré Logistics. PRISM selects the best partners in the logistics chain, conducts the freight procurement policy and manages international flows in a logic of cost optimization, time to market and respect of the environment.


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